Treatment depends on the severity of the patients condition. After a patient is treated with borderline personality disorder they revived professional counseling or psychotherapy.


The aim of psychotherapy is to help the patient control destructive behavior such as feeling suicidal. After a the psychotherapy is successful enough that destructive behavior is less likely to harm that patient the next step is to focus on managing emotions.

The types of counseling used to treat the disorder:
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy(CBT)- this type of treatment focuses on changing thoughts and behavior patterns to control the symptoms
  • Dialectical behavior therapy-this treatment method teaches the patient healthy ways to cope with challenges and feelings of frustration that are related to lack of power. The result of this treatment is that it reduces destructive behavior or suicidal behavior.
  • Psychodynamic therapy-Focuses on understanding the patients past to understand the course of current actions and behavior. Note that this treatment assumes that the problem is due to an unconscious internal conflict.
  • Family therapy-The family of the patient with borderline personality disorder is educated about the condition so that they can offer support to the patient diagnosed with borderline personalty disorder.
  • Support groups-you and your family meet other people with borderline personalty disorder.


Psychiatrists can prescribe medicine to treat symptoms such as impulsive behavior, anger, self muliation, depression and anxiety. The most common types of medicine used are:
  • Antidepressants- this help reduce anger, irritably, impulsive behavior and obviously depression. Often antidepressant use SSRIs( selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors)
  • Mood stabilizers-help control impulsive behavior and anger
  • Atypical antipsychotics- are used to reduce impulse and reckless behavior.